Creation Myth of Egypt

The creation myth of Egypt is thought to come from ancient Thebes, but is said to be much older. The Egyptians believed the father of the God Ra was the Waters. Ra was alone until he found a place where he could stand.

Ra set himself every evening under the horizon and each night crossed under the sky in his boat. The dragon lived in the underneath sky and waited to destroy Ra. Each evening the dragon whipped it's tail back and forth and each time Ra fought the dragon with all his strength. Ra would be defeated at sunset, but would rise again.

Ra gave life to all beings even before there was heaven and earth and before the ground and things that creep were created. Ra spat out the air and moisture who were raised by his father the Waters. Ra had one eye, and though it was far away from the wind and the moisture, followed them through the ages.

Ra created the heavens which supported the stars and the earth, and the air kept them separate he created the creeping snakes and insects and plants of all kinds. When the heavens and earth were separated by the air, the lesser gods, Osiris, Isis, and Horus came into being along with multitudes of men.

All the lesser gods spoke in magic and destroyed the enemies of Ra, who sent them to overthrow the evil dragon. Each morning, Ra rises, shining in all of his splendor on the other side of the world. These are the words that shall be spoken and never forgotten:

Now and Forever, Ra, the Sun-God, rises in triumph, and he sets the same.