I don't fit in, not even in my own family

by Unknown
(Los Angeles, California, US)

I have a Puerto Rican dad and a white mom. But I never see my dad's side of the family, because most of them are gone. And as a result, we always end up seeing the white side of the family. The only issue with that is that my dad and I are the darkest ones by far. I do have a brother, but he is kind of light-skinned. So I am the darkest cousin, and well my cousins love to point that out along with all of the other things that make me different from them; my full lips that are "way too big"; my upturned nose which "you can see your nostrils, it's kinda weird"; my thick curly hair which is "way too thick and gross" "too frizzy and curly" "maybe you should shave your head, then it might come back thinner, straighter, and prettier like mine"; and my butt/hips "they're bigger than my moms, isn't that kinda weird" They throw things in my hair, steal my bra's, they make fun of my lips and nose, they do everything they can to hurt me, and my brother does nothing, and I do nothing.

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Jul 23, 2019
Fitting out
by: Ian Sigismund

Sometimes when you are made to feel you don't fit in you have to fit out. Even when it's family, it's not a good idea to spend a lot of time with people who make fun of and don't appreciate you. Also, embrace your difference; make that frizzy hair even frizzier and wear it out. One of the most important things in life is that we love and accept ourselves, then it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. I have been wearing dreads for a lot of years as a commentary on the 'good hair / bad hair' stigma.
We're in a world where people with thin hair want it to be thicker, pale skin to be darker, thin lips to be thicker, they're even using butt implants. In other words there are others that are wishing they had some of the things you have. Thank you for your honest submission. Send me an email after you read this.

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