Mixed Race Females

by Lydia

Ok I am a mixed race female in the United States. Racism is an interesting topic which has conquured many aspects of my life. Growing up I am a first American generation on my father's side and my mothers family has been in America since its early years. My father is Mexican and my mother is White and Native American. The immigration of my father's family from Mexico taught me one thing; When immigrating people do one of two things: hold on to their old society's cultural values or assimilate to the new society that they have joined. My father assimilated. I received negative reactions from being mixed race from a very early age. Ever since I was very young I didn't have friends that were just one race. Society taught me to love one race and hate the other, like I am two separate people. As I entered my teen years I was too White to hang out with the Mexican girls and too Mexican to hang out with the White girls. Of course in the dating arena men find the mix of the three races attractive, but over all I can't help but to feel a lack of identity. Am I White? Am I Mexican? Am I Native American?

In conclusion, the many negative responses from society towards females of mixed race is often internalized by the person of mixed race.

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