Not really much of a story but...

by Betsy
(North Carolina)

I'm a caucasian American female who was married for 18 years to a Japanese man. The marriage didn't work out so great, (cross-cultural marriages aren't easy,) but we have 3 of the most beautiful girls ever, who have grown up to be very intelligent and accomplished as well. One is involved in missionary-type work, one is an engineer, the third an artist...wildly different and all wonderful.

I never thought much about their heritage, other than that it contributed to their physical attractiveness. But they told me as adults that in the small southern towns they spent their high school years in that it was really tough being the only kids with any kind of melanin in the school! (When they were younger, there were black & hispanic kids...although few-to-no asian kids.)

As young adults, one daughter chose to live in a "pasty-white" area of the country, where she stands out but doesn't seem to mind, and the other two daughters insist on living in a large, multi-cultural city. All of them seek out the Japanese foods I made them as children.

Your whole website interests me..."race," as a whole, is an artificial construct, which should be used only to differentiate people's characteristics when it comes to hair care or pantyhose color. Unfortunately, people make it mean more than it does, using differences in appearance to divide people between "us" and "them".

Anyway...I popped over here from SBI to see what you had. You do realize you need pictures, right? I'm interested in your subject, especially since I'm looking forward to having grandchildren who are black-caucasian-asian. We'll need all the advice there is on raising happy, fulfilled, secure, mixed-race, wonderful young'uns!

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