Creation Myth of Nubia

The Kushites believed the world was covered with water and an island came out of the water and on it the first God was born. His name was Atum. The holy mountain located in the capital of Kush, Sudan is the site where both the Nubians and Egyptians believe that life started and was the center of religion in Nubia. Numerous temples were created around this mountain and during religious festivals pilgrims traveled from distant places to pay tribute to Nubian Gods. Atum created heaven and earth, the first man and the first woman goddess. They married and gave birth to the God of the earth and God of the skies.

The God of the Earth and the sky were responsible for giving birth to the most important Gods of Nubia, Osiris (God of the Pharaohs), Seth (God of destruction), Isis (God of motherhood)and Nephtys (protector of the dead or God of the afterlife). Re is the most publicly worshiped form of Atum and is symbolized by a sun disk which can be found on chapels, pyramids and temples. Rulers of Kush were required to adhere to Maat, a principle of order and righteousness that helped to preserve a sense of order and morality among common people. This principle was opposite to the function of the God Seth who caused evil and immoral behavior. During the history of Nubia, Amon remained the chief God and was later worshiped in Thebes and became the most prominent Egyptian God.